Sorbic Acid

Apac Chemicals is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality sorbic acid preservative solutions. The label produces sorbic acid, which is better known for being certified by numerous bodies like ISO, Kosher Passover, HALAL, and more. This sorbic acid is available in powder and granular form to help you get a powerful preservative system that befits your requirements.

Shandong Kunda Biotechnology Lab Co. Ltd. is a globally renowned manufacturer of sorbic acid preservative solutions. Based in Shandong, the manufacturer offers effective and robust preservatives to help you create formulations with an elongated shelf life. Shandong Kunda Sorbic Acid is available in white to off-white colour and is ideal for a wide variety of perishable products requiring preservative ingredients.

Superior-quality Sorbic Acid Ingredient Solutions

Sorbic acid is a natural compound used for preserving food. This colourless ingredient is known for single-handedly keeping the global food chain running by aiding the effective preservence of perishable items. Gujarat Enterprise is an exclusive distributor of sorbic acid ingredient solutions manufactured by Apac Chemicals and Shandong Kunda Biotechnology Lab. We offer high-end sorbic acid products to food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharma manufacturers to help them create stable formulations with a reasonable shelf life.

Extending Product’s Shelf Life With Science-backed Preservatives

Sorbic acid is one of the most well-researched preservative ingredients. This compound inhibits microbial growth and ensures that the final products are fit for user consumption for a long time. At Gujarat Enterprise, we offer sorbic acid ingredient solutions to help you fully leverage the potential of this preservative. Contact us today to protect your products from bacteria, fungus, and mould and leverage the benefits of this safe and efficient preservative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sorbic acid is a popular preservative used to enhance the shelf life of food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical products. This well-researched ingredient can be a powerhouse of formulation stability if used in the right dosage. Contact us today to learn more about what sets sorbic acid apart from other preservative ingredients.

Yes, sorbic acid is perfectly safe for use as a preservative in food and beverage products. The low toxicity of this ingredient makes it a popular choice as a preservative in food and beverage products. You can purchase high-quality sorbic acid today from Gujarat Enterprise. Send us your requirements at dm@gujaratenterprise.co.in to know more about our ingredient solutions.

Gujarat Enterprise is a renowned ingredient distributor offering end-to-end assistance to product manufacturers. We do not just sell sorbic acid but also offer assistance with numerous aspects like recipe development, formulation optimization, QC testing, and more. These services are targeted to help you fully harness the benefits of our sorbic acid ingredient solutions and create a powerful preservative system for your powerful product.

Yes, we accept bulk orders for sorbic acid. You can fulfil your requirement for wholesale sorbic acid through Gujarat Enterprise and stay assured about the ingredient’s quality and quotation. Visit our Contact Us page today and submit a contact query to place your order, and our team will get back to you within 24 hours with competitive quotations.

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