Our ingredient offering includes a wide selection of innovative natural sweeteners that provide a replacement to sugar for manufacturers seeking natural sugar substitute without compromising functionality and quality.

Say no to Sugar, not to Desserts

Usually, our diet is loaded with sugar, we believe that we are consuming the slightest bit and it will not affect anything, but it’s not true. From morning coffee to the desserts everything counts if it has sugar in it. But we can help you give the ideal solution by replacing sugar with a Natural Alternative to Sugar.

Sugar alcohols and monk fruit are considered as the Natural Alternative to Sugar. Sugar alcohol belongs to carbohydrates, and it is used as natural sugar as well as food additives. They are becoming popular among the manufacturers’ dues to their natural sweetness mainly due to their lower caloric values and glycemic.

Gujarat Enterprise stays updated with the market trends, and that’s why we are among the Leading Natural Alternative to Sugar Suppliers in India. For more information and queries, feel free to reach out to us.

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