Gujarat Enterprise is your partner of choice for all hydrocolloids in food requirements. Our hydrocolloids are used in various applications from bakery to pharma.

Give new life to your products

Do you want to improve quality attributes and shelf life of your food items?

The answer to this query is Hydrocolloids. These are the polysaccharides of high molecular weight which are used in food to magnify their shelf-life and quality. These are the food additives applied to enhance the texture and viscosity of products like ice-cream, beverages, frozen desserts, various dairy products, confectionary products, jams, jellies, gravies, salad dressing, processed meat, etc.

Hydrocolloids have an extensive range of functional characteristics which comprises gelling, thickening, emulsifier, stabilizer and coating. Gujarat Enterprise is the Leading Hydrocolloids Supplier in the Market, so ping us if you want to make your products tempting through our ingredients.

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