CSL is the leading manufacturer of bacteria-derived nisin ingredient solutions. This polycyclic antibacterial peptide serves as a groundbreaking food preservative for a variety of products. From meat to dairy products and beyond, CSL nisin is a powerful preserve to elongate your product's shelf life.

Nisin- A Reliable Preservative for Extending Product’s Shelf Life

Nisin is a powerful antimicrobial agent and preservative derived from bacteria like Lactococcus lactis. Gujarat Enterprise is the leading distributor of nisin ingredient solutions to dairy and meat product manufacturers. These ingredient solutions are naturally derived and are known for their efficiency and ability to increase the final product's shelf life. Using nisin as a preservative can help you prevent the growth of numerous types of bacteria, making this preservative a widely preferred choice by food manufacturers.

Exclusive Nisin Distributor and Solution Provider

Gujarat Enterprise takes pride in being an exclusive distribution partner of nisin manufactured by CSL. This nisin is produced from the pure culture fermentation of bacteria strands and can be used for numerous applications, from food and beverage to cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and more. We don't just sell ingredients but also offer end-to-end technical assistance to help you fully leverage these preservatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, nisin is a highly effective preservative and holds the ability to extend a product’s shelf life when dosed correctly. This bacteriocin compound can help you create powerful solutions that maintain their taste and appearance for a long time without going bad.

The exact way to use nisin depends on numerous factors like product type, manufacturing process, other ingredients, and more. You can get expert assistance from our team to explore the right way to use nisin in your formulation. Our technical experts, based on a thorough assessment of your formulation, will help you determine the right dosage and application process for nisin.

Gujarat Enterprise is the exclusive distributor of nisin manufactured by CMS. We are focused on helping our clients create powerful formulations. For this reason, we don’t just sell ingredients but offer end-to-end assistance in numerous aspects, including product development, recipe optimization, prototyping, quality testing, and more. Contact us today to know more about the benefits of our services for your products.

Yes, we accept bulk orders for nisin. Gujarat Enterprise is the leading destination for manufacturers to get high-quality and effective preservatives for their products. Whether you need nisin for food, beverage, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical products, you can fulfil your requirements for cost-effective nisin ingredient solutions from Gujarat Enterprise. Share your requirements with our team today at dm@gujaratenterprise.co.in, and our experts will get back to you within 48 hours.

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