APAC Chemical Corporation is a US-based chemical firm that manufactures high-grade Sorbic Acid and Potassium Sorbate. Since 1999, the company has been producing Sorbic acid and its salt Potassium Sorbate for over 15 years. Their business and quality control management has over 30 years of experience in chemical engineering, manufacturing, and marketing.

Do you know why Potassium Sorbate is used as a Preservative?

Potassium Sorbate has antimicrobial properties which stop the growth of harmful bacteria, and it also increases the shelf life of the food.  Apart from food items, it is also used as a preservative for dehydrated products like dried fruits, as it doesn’t leave an aftertaste. Potassium Sorbate is useful in a variety of applications including food and wine. It’s a traditional preservative because it’s effective and doesn’t change the qualities of the products. It is also water-soluble and works at room temperature.

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