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Good ingredients are important to make a palatable dish-doesn’t matter if it is baked, grilled, fried, boiled or brewed. Food ingredients are often referred to as food additives that are used for the technical or functional purpose for different processing parameters like production, storage, packaging, etc.

Food ingredients cater to a variety of industries like food processing, snacks, bakery, sweets & confectionery, chocolate manufacturing, dairy, beverages, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, Human and animal nutrition, HoReCa and many more.

It is our honour to present one such company named “GUJARAT ENTERPRISE” which provides various food ingredients and application services. Rendering services to the segments mentioned above of the food industry, Gujarat Enterprises has a vast product portfolio comprising of Coagulant, Emulsifiers, Protein Blends, Stabilizers & Emulsifiers, Industrial chocolate, Canned fruits pulps & vegetables, Anti-caking ingredient, Dairy Culture, Hydrocolloids, Extracts, Fibres, Flavours & Seasonings, Preservatives and natural alternative to sugar.

Expanding the frontiers for the future, Gujarat Enterprise has the best-in-class ingredients for every food-related solution obtained through intensive research & analysis, integrated R&D facility with excellent lab equipment and highly qualified food technical experts. No matter what the industry is- Gujarat Enterprise has a one-stop ideal ingredient solution for all.

It all began in1980. The father and son duo emanated a Grocery Shop in the city market of Ahmedabad. After five years of the grocery business in 1985, their first initiative towards ingredient business was selling yeast. A few years later the duo paced up in supplying bakery ingredients. By 1997, Gujarat Enterprise was founded as a separate division for food ingredients, and the spectacular journey started towards the ladder of success. The next 10 years was perceived as the total transformation of Gujarat Enterprise as the leading distributor, establishing a well-equipped Research and Development center commencing pan India operations.

Finally, in 2017, the company expanded its chain to the Capital (Delhi), Hyderabad and Mumbai. The goal of the company was to deliver superior quality and never compromise on the safety of products. Gujarat Enterprise operates with Integrity and adheres to the highest standard of business and ethical behavior, which made them one of the preferred food ingredient companies in the market.

Over the years, the company has constructed a partnership with national and multinational clients in the food industry, focusing on providing the solution through its premium specialty food ingredients and have a ceaseless zeal for innovation.

Beverages and Food Processing Times feels elated to bring up-to-the-minute coverage of an open dialogue with Anil Koradia, Managing Partner- Gujarat Enterprise. The excerpt proceeds:

Q) What are the latest trends in the food ingredients industry at your end?

Talking about the latest trends, the ingredients market is country-specific based on the local preference of the consumers. The latest trends include the preference of premium products, rise in demand for convenience food, Functional foods for good health, demand for authentic and natural ingredients. Consumers are consciously seeking reduced sugar/sugar-free products. Products rich in proteins and fibers and low-calorie foods are also in trend.

Q) Kindly provide information on the products/services you provide to the industry.

Our strength lies in dealing with Stabilizers and Emulsifiers for Dairy, Ice cream, Beverages and Frozen Dessert sector along with the trading business in food ingredients.

We provide support to our business partners in developing and/or formulating a recipe. We utilize our technical expertise along with the Lab-scale pilot plants for Dairy, Ice cream, Beverages, and Bakery. We always stay on our toes to fulfill the requirement of our users through our advanced research and development facilities, fully equipped with lab-scale UHT plant, ice-cream plant, retort machine, QC lab, tech skills, and customized blends by keeping the shifting preference of our clients in mind to provide the solution through ingredients.

Q) What are the ways you adopt to understand customers’ responses towards ingredients?

To understand our customers, our team stays updated with current and future trends. We even stay abreast of the legal norms to work ethically and get new solutions. We have a strong RnD team which makes a prototype application sample for the customers where we stand as a stop solution for ingredients with detailed recipe flow charts and ingredients used.

Q)  FSSAI has made a lot of amendments to their regulations. Are you satisfied with them or so you expect more?

Yes, we are satisfied, especially the Sugar Law enforcement which is around the corner and FSSAI is to finalize it. This is definitely going to boost the healthy environment of society.

Q) What more new innovations can take place in the food ingredients segment if the right environment is created by the government, authorities, and industry in collaboration with FI companies? 

There is a lot of research going on in the world for natural products/ingredients and natural food supplements. Many countries are even shifting to such natural ingredient sources for their products. If the right environment is created then many innovations can take place. Another part where India lacks is in the nutrient fortification, which has a huge scope for new innovations.

Q) The food ingredients market has evolved for several decades. How do view the next decade of this market in India?

Seeing the current scenario of the huge Indian market and projecting it to the next decade, I feel that the chunk of busy and taste conscious customers will increase who prefer the convenience foods and beverages and ready to eat meals. The disposable income is increasing at a rapid rate, which will change the lifestyle and increase the dependence on the ready to eat foods. Additionally, we will have a number of customers who are health conscious and thus there will be an increase in the demand for naturally formulated products.

The generation we have and the coming generation will be an enthusiast to try and experience new flavors, hence we will be on our toes to bring new ingredients.

Q) What are the other challenges the industry is presently facing in the country?

India is developing towards Healthy India, and hence considering the competitive market, the biggest challenge will be o sustainability of volumes and quality of ingredients. The next challenge seen is with the organized and unorganized sector, where many players are competitive.

Other few key market challenges are in the high research and development cost, contamination of beverages and food products, and chances of food allergy and intolerance.

Concluding note:

The diet we take is the bank account for our body; hence it becomes crucial for us to invest in good food. One such investment in good food is through the ingredients. Moving ahead with the philosophy of Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine,” we believe that ingredients play an essential part in good food. Ingredients have been used in different aspects of food in terms of flavors, preservatives, color, texture, etc. within the regulated limits. Such regulations have helped the manufacturers to provide safe food, and even the consumers can consume it without any fear.

With an aim to cater to the population with the type of food they want, Gujarat Enterprise is determined to do in-house research, along with production to bring out the ingredients that are good for the consumers.”

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