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When one examines the existence of an R&D department in any business, they will realize how important and forward-looking the organization must be in their ideology. It also signifies a strong overview to deliver technical solutions.

Having an R&D department backed by an application center means that it will help develop new products and improve the existing ones. This is where we, Gujarat Enterprise, take pride in our state-of-the-art Application Centre and R&D team.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories and pilot facility enables us to develop a solution for robust processes and tailor-made ingredients with the functional and nutritional properties demanded by the clients. Technical specialists stay at the forefront of emerging customer needs and bring advanced solutions as well as knowledge to you.

We assist in creating value by deep understanding of both product ingredients and production processes which empower us to render the soundest application and technical service support. At Gujarat Enterprise, we explore and carry out pioneering research focused on Dairy, Food, Bakery, Ice-cream, and Culinary domains, and this research is at the core of our development objectives.

Our research and development professionals can work with you through all stages of product development and will provide you with a winning product.


Gujarat Enterprise innovates customised functional stabilizer & emulsifier systems by practising high-end research for business partners with technical expertise and well-equipped pilot facilities having UHT, Retort-Steriliser, Ice-Cream/ Dairy/ pilot plant, Bakery application centre, and Analytical Lab. We satisfy consumer needs with knowledge sharing for value addition by prototype development, process optimisation, pilot trials, and constant technical support.

Strengths of R&D Team:

  • Offering tailor-made ingredient solutions
  • Formulation development & process optimisation for a variety of Dairy and Food Products
  • Troubleshooting for customers
  • One-Stop solution for dairy-based products
  • Scale-up trials for your products
  • Cost-effective solutions development
  • Developing innovative Stabilizer Emulsifier system specific to processing and sensory requirement
  • Facility of the pilot plant for Ice cream, Retort, and UHT Processing, Bakery application lab under one roof

Our specialists innovate functional stabilizer and emulsifier blends to achieve better functioning, quality, and cost-efficiency. Instead of rendering you with a generalised solution, we develop and offer a technical explanation as per the customer’s specific application. We develop stabilizer and emulsifier blends for different ice-cream products such as frozen desserts, Ice lollies, kulfi, etc.


With the fully equipped application lab and small scale pilot plant solely dedicated to Ice-cream, we conduct trials and evaluate the efficiency of the developed blends of emulsifier and stabilizer systems. Research and development benefit us in enhancing the product in close coordination with clients, and we also deliver tailored blends for specific application requirements to meet clients’ demands.

Our Research and Development team provides you with a highly functional and exclusive solution through our tailored ingredients for water and milk-based jellies. We add value through ingredients in existing products and tailor-made thickener hydrocolloid blends to enhance the jelly characteristics such as gel, strength, transparency, toughness, water retention, etc. Our strength is to add significance to existing products and services to industries.

GE’s Modus Operandi

We were approached by a client who wanted to develop a Nutraceutical Ice-Cream product to launch in the Indian sub-continent. The product was entirely new to the market, and there was no other player currently. Hence the challenges associated with this project were much more significant. The market research was thorough, but the product was developed from scratch as it had no benchmark. Hence, we had to have a lot of discussions and conversations to understand the client’s requirements and then act upon the given set of briefings.

Since this was a new project for the Indian market, the significant issues to be addressed with the product were:

1. It should be catering to a niche market of fitness enthusiasts, so it had to be made sure that all the raw materials in formulations were chosen accordingly and following the regulations/specifications. Hence our sourcing of the ingredients was changed accordingly.

2. It had to be engaging for the new customers it was meant for.

3. The product was so technically diverse that every ingredient and functionality had to be studied in-depth and worked in combination.

4. The product had to be incorporated into the existing technological system.

5. The product had to be tested among the regular products as well and be stable and shelf-stable.

After initial briefings & discussions, our R&D team went to work and developed a set of products & concepts based on the briefings. Further deliberations and feedback were taken into consideration, and trials were conducted for the concept.

After which, sensorial panels test the product and give their feedback, and the final approved concept is then taken to the client for their feedback.

After we have reached a stage of the agreement with the client on the product, all the technology transfer takes place on mutually agreed terms. This is the stage generally where the pilot-scale turns into commercialisation.

The approach that we employ in developing a product/blend or a solution is the point of difference in this competitive marketplace, and we feel that it definitely gives us an edge among others. We are grateful for the clients who put faith in us for product development and ingredient solutions.

So be it providing a single ingredient or an end-to-end product development, we believe in delivering technically viable solutions. Those projects with technical solutions at the core will be sustainable and commercially viable, and we continue to strive for the same.

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