Sodium Alginate

Ceamsa is the leading manufacturer of alginate hydrocolloid ingredient solutions better known for their ability to provide effective gelling, texturising, and emulsifying properties. With numerous applications across a broad spectrum of industries, sodium alginate manufactured by Ceamsa is known for its superior quality and functionality.

High-quality Sodium Alginate for Manufacturers

Extracted from brown algae, sodium alginate is a brown polysaccharide and a salt form of algenic acid. This ingredient is used by pharmaceutical companies as an API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) and can be an excellent additive in numerous food and beverage products. Gujarat Enterprise is the leading distributor of sodium alginate ingredient solutions. Being an exclusive distributor of sodium alginate manufactured by Ceamsa, we bring to you effective and purpose-focused sodium alginate that fulfils all of your functional requirements.

Your One-stop Sodium Alginate Ingredient Solution Partner

Sodium alginate comes in numerous viscosities and ranges. Each of these viscosities is ideal for a unique set of applications. At Gujarat Enterprise, we offer you superior-in-nature sodium alginate ingredient solutions from Ceamsa. Whether you are looking to use sodium alginate as an API in your pharmaceutical products or as a binding ingredient, we have highly versatile ingredient solutions that beautifully fit every requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sodium alginate is made from brown algae. This salt form of alginic acid is highly versatile and can be used for numerous purposes. Being a water-soluble hydrocolloid, sodium alginate has broader uses than other hydrocolloid ingredients. You can contact us today to know more about the benefits and uses of sodium alginate.

The dosage of sodium alginate depends from one product type to another. This ingredient performs differently under different doses and, therefore, a lot depends on the desired outcomes. You can get technical assistance from our team to determine the right dosage of sodium alginate in your formulation. Write your requirements to us today at dm@gujaratenterprise.co.in, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Gujarat Enterprise is the exclusive distributor of sodium alginate manufactured by Ceamsa. Moreover, we are a one-stop ingredient solution provider for food and beverage manufacturers. We don’t just sell ingredients but provide 360-degree support at every stage of product development. Whether you need help with prototyping, formulation development, pilot testing, quality testing, or beyond, we can offer assistance to help you launch groundbreaking products. These factors make Gujarat Enterprise the most popularly chosen ingredient distributor and solution provider.

You can order sodium alginate from us by visiting our Contact Us page and filling out a simple query form. Based on your requirements, our team will get back to you within 24 hours with competitive quotations and custom-tailored solutions.

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