Best Natural Alternative for Sugar: Monk Fruit

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If you are looking for a sweetener that is all-natural, clean label, almost 100 times sweeter than sugar, safe for people with diabetes, pH & heat stable, and doesn’t leave any bitter aftertaste and has no harmful side effects, then we have the suitable ingredient for you – say hello to the miracle natural ingredient monk fruit.

What is monk fruit?

Earlier it was known as Luo Han Guo. It is a small melon type fruit that originates from Southeast Asia. It is named monk fruit because monks were the first who used this fruit in the 13th century for medicinal use and teas. It has been known as a superfood as it is used in many traditional medicines in China.

Monk Fruit has the advantage of being low carbs and a natural plant-based source and used as a sugar-free sweetener. Want to know more? Here are some facts about this magical fruit that will bind you to switch.

Applications of Monk Fruit can be in the following products:

  • Dairy products
  • Traditional Indian Sweets
  • Beverages
  • Sauces
  • Creamers & Powders
  • Packaged Foods
  • Confectionery
  • Baked Goods

From where the sweetness comes from?

The seeds and skin are removed before the fruit is crushed to separate the juice from the pulp to create fruit extract. Then the juice is processed to obtain antioxidants called mogrosides. These mogrosides are the reason behind the sweetness of this fruit.

Low Calories and Low carbs!

As the mogrosides are separated from the juice, the remaining monk fruit extract has low calories and carbs, making it an ideal sweetening ingredient for low carb baked goods and a perfect sweetener for diabetes.

Is monk fruit really 100 times sweeter than sugar?

Yes, it is extremely sweet. The extracted monk fruit contains low calories, pH & heat stable, low carbohydrates, zero sodium, and zero fat.

Is it keto-friendly?

Yes, it is. Monk fruit sweetener is plant-based, all-natural, sugar-free and low in carbs. This is why it is highly used as a substitute for sugar and highly used in keto diets.

Monk Fruit Health Benefits



This small but miraculous fruit is filled with antioxidants named mogrosides that protect the body from free radicals while boosting your immune, respiratory and digestive system. These antioxidants also work to secure you from harmful molecules that can damage your DNA, slow down the ageing process, and promote longevity.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

There are strong anti-inflammatory properties in monk fruit which also helps in treating arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. It also works great in treating sore throat and reduces phlegm.

Works Great For Weight Loss:

Replacing sugar with monk fruit can help you manage your weight. Monk fruit has no calories, and it also controls insulin level while preventing fat-cell production. If you use monk fruit for a longer period, it will help you prevent obesity and type II diabetes.

Stabilises Blood Sugar:

Monk fruit works great in lowering the glucose level and monitors how our body releases insulin. This makes this fruit a safe choice for people in need of a low glycemic diet.

Soothes Seasonal Allergies:

Monk fruit works as an all-natural and mild antihistamine that helps in reducing swelling from allergy irritations. If it is consumed daily, then it helps soothe seasonal allergies over time by hindering antihistamines.

Still, have doubts? Then continue reading …

Why Choose Monk Fruit?

We understand that consumers are concerned about added sugar and artificial ingredients, but it’s challenging to make changes because consumers also think about the taste. But with monk fruit, you get natural, great-tasting sweetness without all the calories.

Monk Fruit Is a Healthy Natural Sweetness Solution

The food and beverage industry has been looking for an alternative to replace sugar for many years, but now we have a solution that is organic & healthy. Monk fruit delivers a great taste with low calories, which is perfect for sugar replacement.

As a reliable and renowned food and beverage ingredient supplier, we have seen manufacturers use this fruit and how their consumers loved their sugar free monk fruit products. Monk fruit renders a natural source of pure sweetness with the goodness of fruit. Because it’s concentrated, there’s often room for other product improvements like additional complex carbohydrates, fibres and whole grains.

You can have the following claims when using Monk Fruit in your products:


How we obtain the Monk Fruit ingredient:

Monk Fruit Corporation has perfected a simple, all-natural process to obtain monk fruit’s natural, low-calorie sweetness while preserving its pure fruit goodness.

Here’s how it works:

  • The fruit is crushed to release its natural, sweet juice.
  • The crushed fruit is mixed with hot water to make a sweet mixture.
  • The infusion is strained, leaving a clear, sweet juice.

The mixture is strained and leaves a clear juice that contains sweet antioxidants and a small amount of natural fruit sugar. The juice holds the fruit sugars for a delightful, low-calorie product. The monk fruit extract is made by isolating the fruit sugars from the sweet antioxidants, then spray dried as a powder.

Order Monk Fruit In different Grades From Gujarat Enterprise

Monk fruit provides a natural source of pure sweetness from the goodness of fruit, which we in various forms:

Currently, the below grades are available in India.

Monk fruit juice powder (P1.5) 

Monk fruit juice concentrate (J3.5) – Liquid

Monk fruit extract (E13.5) – Powder

We obtain monk fruit ingredients from MonkFruit Corporation, the company that supplies the best-grade of monk fruit. To know more about monk fruit and its applications, contact our experts who have been helping manufacturers replace sugar with this natural ingredient.

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