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Ice-cream is the most popular dessert loved by everyone. We all love to dig into a big bowl of ice-cream, licking the tasty treat-topped cone, or enjoying the flavoured ice-lollies. 

Though in ice-cream consumer preferences vary when it comes to the creaminess, flavour release, mouthfeel, viscosity. Hence for delivering consumer-focused and quality ice-cream, a high degree of market knowledge and product development is required to meet the consumers’ expectations.

Thus, industrial production of ice-cream demands high-quality raw materials, coupled with innovative and well-balanced ingredients as well as tested processing parameters.

We customize the market requirements, and our highly-skilled, experienced ice-cream experts are hard at work envisioning to provide you with the best solution through their understanding of functional ingredients. 

We innovate customized functional stabilizer & emulsifier system by practising high-end research for our business partners with an unparalleled depth of technical expertise and well-equipped pilot facilities having UHT, Retort-Steriliser, Ice- Cream/ Dairy/ Beverage processing plant, Bakery & Confectionery and Analytical Lab. We satisfy consumer needs with knowledge sharing, for value addition by prototype development, process optimization, pilot trials and constant technical support.

KreAmaze Provides Functionality To Your Ice Cream 

KreAmaze is our emulsifier and stabilizer system for ice-cream.

However emulsifiers and stabilizers are added in a small quantity in ice cream, but the impact is quite significant when it comes to the quality of ice-cream. To find out their role in manufacturing ice-cream, let’s dig deep:

How can emulsifiers help in getting quality ice-cream?

Emulsifiers are molecules with amphiphilic properties which help multi-phase systems adopt a favourable position by reducing the surface tension between phases. Emulsifiers are mainly used to improve upon and provide uniform whipping quality to the mixture, and to produce drier ice cream with smoother body and texture.

Emulsifiers help ice-cream with:

  • Preventing Heat-shock effects 
  • Creaminess and structure
  • Foam stability
  • Melting resistance 

How can stabilizers help in ice-cream?

Stabilizers are generally groups of water-soluble polysaccharide extracted from land or marine plants or microorganisms. They are used to prevent the formation of ice crystals in ice cream, especially during storage. Since they are added in very small quantities, they have a negligible influence on food value and flavour.

Stabilizers help ice-cream with:

  • Controlling ice-crystal growth
  • Risk of shrinkage
  • Melting resistance
  • Sensory properties
  • Storage stability

Both of these ingredients have a significant impact on ice-cream, so we prepare a powerful combination for you:

KreAmaze – Emulsifier & Stabilizer System for Ice-Cream


KreAmaze – Innovatively designed combinations of emulsifiers and stabilizers by using high quality and functionality from ingredients.

Our range of emulsifiers and stabilizers blends are available for the following categories.

  •        Ice-cream                                              
  •        Frozen Desserts                         
  •        Kulfi                                                      
  •        Sorbet
  •        Ice lollies
  •        Extruded Ice cream                                               
  •        High Protein/Fiber enriched Ice cream


Benefits of KreAmaze:

  • At a very lower dosage performs well
  • Improves air incorporation and air retention in Ice cream
  • Provides excellent cryoprotection 
  • Imparts very dry extrusion even at the low and moderate overrun 
  • Excellent water-binding capacity improves texture/flowing capabilities 
  • Controls ice crystal formation during freezing and impart excellent texture and mouthfeel
  • Fat-sparing mouthfeel and excellent heat shock resistance
  • Retards Ice crystal growth during storage 
  • Excellent melting resistance
  • Imparts clean eating properties with a creamy mouthfeel


Gujarat Enterprise is a renowned ice-cream ingredients supplier in India. Our patrons trust us because we deliver quality with solutions.


We Can Be Your Global Partner in Ice-Cream Innovation

Nowadays awareness is increasing towards the ingredients that are being used in the food and how they are manufactured.

This is also true for ice-cream, the most loved dessert. Ice cream not only requires right creaminess, favour release, mouthfeel, and meltdown properties but also it should be manufactured using sustainable ingredients.

We can help you get the desired attribute for a perfect ice-cream by using our innovation centre’s facilities.


Contact us for the order.

Contact us for your requirements or bulk orders; we can help you to get the consumer desired ice cream. Leverage our technical expertise and give your consumers a delightful experience.

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