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Ice Cream – Not A Basic Flavor Anymore

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Ice cream is a culinary novelty that has been around for centuries. It is not just an easy sugar fix for people with diabetes or a tasty dairy product for people who are lactose intolerant. Ice cream may have begun as dessert but has now become an important component in the savory food section of the menu. It has become a lot more than the basic combination of thick milk and some basic flavors.

After years of evolution, the recent concept in the ice cream industry is that ice cream can be used to make savory dishes taste better and give them a unique texture.

This is accomplished by adding ingredients to the mixture of milk. However, to work properly, the new recipes need to contain a certain amount of specialty ingredients called emulsifiers & stabilizers. They are also known as stabilizers and they are important because they keep the mixture combined in one piece when it is being churned or mixed. This ingredient helps prevent separation.

Some popular emulsifiers include:

1. Lecithin – 

Lecithin is a term to designate fatty substances that are used to smother food texture. In terms of ice cream making, it homogenized the liquid texture.

2. Soy lecithin – 

It’s a mixture of phospholipids and soybean oil that’s used as an emulsifier in ice cream making. It is also considered a flavor protector.

3. Egg yolk – 

Egg yolk is used in ice cream making as an emulsifier because it has amino acids that repel water.

Apart from the above-mentioned emulsifiers, there are many natural foods such as fruits and soy products in which it is found and therefore the ice cream industry has expanded its horizons to use various types of emulsifiers apart from the traditional ones.

Ice cream making might sound easy but little do people know that there goes a lot behind the delectable taste of it. The process of separating ice cream is a very complicated one where the oil and water must be present. A simple emulsifier is the fat content of the ice cream itself. That is why there are always traces of fat in ice cream regardless of how small they may seem to be. This results in a separation between the fat and water when it starts to melt.

Recent Concepts In the Ice Cream Industry:

1. Usage of Soybeans:

The latest concept in the ice cream industry involves the use of soybeans as a source of oil. Soybeans are edible and very nutritious. They are similar to molecules used in skincare products. Soybeans have been used for making baked goods and also for creating a gelatinous product called tofu.

However, one can find soybeans as an ingredient in ice cream these days contributing to Vegan Ice Cream. The cream is generally created by churning milk with butter, milk proteins, and emulsifiers.

2. Cutting Off Calorie Count:

Consumers can feel less remorseful when they enjoy low-calorie ice cream choices. Ice creams with low-calorie counts are becoming more preferable day by day with an increasing awareness of health consciousness.

The ice cream industry looks forward to making less calorie-count ice creams that taste the same as the normal ones.

3. Loaded Indulgences:

Ice creams are supposed to be a form of a treat. Manufacturers with the growing era have tried to make the concept of ice cream exciting by adding indulgences into it in the form of new textures, layers, toppings, and fillings as well. These all have become a welcome addition to the ice cream industry.

4. Discard the Dairy:

For those searching for an assortment or following a unique diet regimen, there are more non-dairy ice cream options and treats that are found to taste better as well.

Keeping this on track, vegan ice cream has also become an option for people who want to avoid dairy products. Industries, therefore, have their hands on vegan ice creams too.

5. New Functional Benefits:

People with time evolution have started finding additional benefits in every aspect and they do the same regarding ice cream. Following this, the ice cream industry has added these functional ingredients to match the functional benefit needs of ice cream lovers:

1. Protein

Of course! Who doesn’t want to stay healthy? Protein is a good source of being healthy therefore it happens to be an ingredient in ice cream making.

2. Probiotics

Probiotics are made up of good bacteria that add up to good health. And here’s the reason why ice cream makers use probiotics.

3. Fiber

Fiber has always been a source of better health. It also enhances the texture of ice cream and these reasons are enough for ice cream makers to add it as an ingredient.

4. CBD

CBD is a component of hemp, infused with cannabidiol. This is a new flavor that is liked by many ice cream lovers. This is an additional flavor that has been trending for quite a long time now.

6. Wide Range of Flavor Mixing

Consumers are keen on flavor mashups in their ice cream and brands are offering choices to address their choices.

Inventing new flavors can be accomplished through experimenting such as adding one flavor with another to make a unique and new flavor that leaves consumers drooling.

7. Adding Some Salty Flavor

The ice cream industry’s out-of-the-box idea has introduced the ‘salty’ flavor in the world of ice cream to serve something new on the table.

Adding corn, blue cheeses, avocado, four grass or many more such options into ice cream is a unique concept. Throughout the years, people have accepted and have been loving this new concept that has evolved pushing the sweet boundaries of regular ice cream flavors.

8. Customization

The choice of ice cream varies from person to person. Therefore, their choice of ice cream combination also varies. To bring a deal for this, customization is the option for everyone because this allows consumers to pick and combine the flavor that they prefer.


Traditional ice cream flavors have become a basic option for everyone and the millennials, nowadays, always look for something quirky. Following this trend, ice cream industries keep on coming up with varieties of options in terms of flavor, packaging, and much more to spice up the basic sweet concept of ice cream.

With time, people including kids have tended to become eager to try on new and unique flavors because they always look for something that’s not basic. The ice cream industry, therefore, strives to innovate and introduce something new and happening to its consumers.

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