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Gujarat Enterprise is proud to serve a wide range of specialty food ingredients, ready to make premixes, and our technical services. Our customers can employ any of these products according to their desired application and processes. Gujarat Enterprise continuously strives to deliver quality blends, premixes and products with unmatched performance.

Primarily used by the HoReCa segment, and bulk manufacturers , our premixes are formulated specifically for those applications requiring quick results with minimal effort on the user’s part.

What do you understand by premixes?

Premixes are a pre-mixed blend of different ingredients. It is a dry mix of two or more ingredients mixed with water/oil/milk or another liquid to create an instant product.

Premixes are available in various forms – powder form, ready-to-drink form, and semi-ready form – each catering to slightly different customer needs. Premixes of different forms can be used in a variety of ways.

Premix manufacturing in India has increased over the last few years. Major factors are responsible for this growth –

(i) the availability and the rising price of raw materials

(ii) the growing need for convenience foods and nutrition-based convenience foods in the Indian food market.

(iii) Uniform Quality

(iv) Better Inventory Management

(v) Shelf life extension of product

(vi) Flexibility with production quantities.

The increasing popularity of premixes:

Premixes occupy an essential place in the modern Indian kitchen. They enable someone with no prior knowledge of preparing food to prepare a beverage, hot drink, snack, or meal in minutes. These are also popular among vegetarians and health-conscious consumers who can enjoy a variety of hot beverages and snacks with minimal physical effort.

Premixes are primarily classified into a ready-made, semi-ready and powdered forms based on the ingredients. Ready-made premixes generally consist of pre-mixed powder, which requires the consumer to add water or other liquid to the mix. Semi-ready premixes are products that need only some cooking time at home for consumption.

The range of premixes offered at Gujarat Enterprise:

1. Instant Milkshake Premix:


A blend of quality ingredients, our KreAmaze Innovito Instant Milkshake Premix ​offers an authentic taste of a milkshake. We have developed a range of Instant Milkshake Premix, which are ready to prepare.​ It has five Flavours: ​

1. Chocolate

2. Strawberry

3. Coffee

4. Vanilla​

5. Neutral​

This milkshake premix gives a rich mouthfeel, quick, easy and convenient to make, offers uniform taste & quality, and is cost-efficient as well. The process includes adding 50 g of premix in 150 ml of cold milk followed by quick blending and it is ready to be served.

2. Cheezy Sauce Premix:

This is a premix which can be made into a ready-to-use cheezy sauce within a few minutes that can make macaroni, pizzas, and sandwiches. Our product consists of delicious cheese powder and other ingredients. It can also be used as a topping or filling for pastries such as biscuits and tarts or adding flavor to meals such as macaroni, pizzas, frozen fillers, and sandwiches.


The concept behind this cheezy sauce premix is the problems faced by bulk manufacturers like:

  • High costing of Raw Cheese Manufacturing
  • Availability of Raw Cheese
  • Storage Facility for Raw Cheese, Sensitivity of Handling with product
  • Maintaining inventory of multiple ingredients
  • Price Fluctuation of Raw Materials
  • Lead Time of Individual Ingredients

Benefits of using KreAmaze Innovito Cheezy Sauce Premix:

  • Client only needs to Add:   FAT/Oil + Water to the Premix
  • Quick, Easy & Convenient to make
  • Uniform taste & quality
  • Cost reduction comparing conventional approach
  • Ease of Inventory Management
  • Ease of Handling and Storage

Key Benefits of our premixes:

Our product research aims to develop a superior quality and taste and also a convenient product for our customers. The end result is a product that provides the consumer with uniqueness, nutritional benefits, convenience, value, and preference. We also conduct extensive market research and development based on the feedback received from our customers.

These advantages also give our customers a competitive edge as they can use our premixes at any time needed.

We create new products after considering factors such as the following:

1. What are the existing demands and preferences of consumers?

2. What is the demand like in different regions of the country?

3. How well do customers respond to existing products?

According to us, product research is essential for success in any business. Our prime focus is on developing a product that will be useful for people across all segments. We have created premixes that cater to children and adults and also manufacturers with special requirements.

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