Vegan Products: Scope Of Vegan Food Business & Its Future Market

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This article is about how plant-based as a whole is on the rise, and the vegan market is becoming ever more competitive as people become aware of the ethical, environmental, and health benefits of adopting this lifestyle. The amount of people opting to eat vegan because they want to live more healthy lifestyles is increasing. As plant-based foods have increased in popularity, start-ups have also jumped on board with vegan products, so consumers will continue to make an effort to leave meat off their menus.

Veganism has increased by 330% in India since 2013, according to research conducted by Euromonitor International. It was mainly due to vegetarianism that has been gradually increasing for decades, influencing non-vegetarian diets with higher ethical standards, which are also reflected in food choices.

Why Companies are now starting to enter the Market:

You will see that many companies and private players are now entering into the vegan market. A study shows that people’s main concerns include their food’s health and ethical impact. This is a common concern for many people, as consumers are becoming more aware of how animals are treated, which forces companies to improve their products to make them better for people.

Plant-based foods are an emerging market across the world. Retailers are now seeing this as an opportunity to attract new consumers. Smaller-scale retailers are now using vegan products to attract new customers who are “omnivores” – people who eat meat and shift them to plant-based foods. More prominent retailers are also slowly realizing a considerable potential to enter the plant-based food industry, as the vegan market is still growing.

At Gujarat Enterprise, we have developed ingredient solutions for the below Vegan options:

1. Vegan Milk

2. Vegan Cheese

Let’s discuss this in brief.

1. Vegan Milk:


We have developed ingredient solutions for plant-based milk. We make the prototype using new technology, and we also use some interesting ingredients to make different variants of Vegan milk. This Vegan Milk would be a good source of protein and fibre with very high digestibility. And the ingredient solutions that go in the Vegan Milk would be easy to use and will be stable with the UHT process as well. We aim to make healthy and good quality plant-based milk that can be used in cooking, baking, and normal household use and which can be very stable.

2. Vegan Cheese:


We have developed Vegan Cheese at our application center and we have made this Vegan cheese by using innovative ingredients. This will be a unique vegan cheese, as it will have desired structure & texture, easy shredding, customizable melting, bake stability, free-flowing shreds, and without any off note. We have the best plant-based vegan cheese concept with us which can become one of the best on the market.

People are now seeing the great benefits of eating vegan, as it is now becoming a common trend. Below are some of the benefits of being vegan:

1. More Energy

2. Better Digestion/Improves gut health

3. Makes you Feel Younger

4. Weight Loss

5. Avoid Heart Disease

6. More Endurance

7. More Flexibility/Faster Recovery

8. People are Happier when they Eat Vegan

9. Healthier Body/Less Medical Problems

10. Avoid Cancer and Other Diseases

Vegan Products are also better for the Environment than Non-Vegan Food, as animals can release harmful gases and contribute to global warming. Also, animals produce methane when living on farms, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and other types of pollution in the environment.

Gujarat Enterprise has expertise in providing specialty food ingredients, and our operations are supported by our application center which can help in new product development, product improvement, process improvement, tailor-made ingredient solutions, conceptualising new products, cost-effective ingredient solutions, scale-up trials for all types of food products. Gujarat Enterprise offers full line vertical integration from concept through product development, including product design, sourcing components/ingredients, technical support service with support from state-of-the-art facilities and technical experts.

We have developed these Vegan products, but we are also looking for more opportunities to develop other plant-based products in the future.

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