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Are you wondering what exactly Pectin is? You might have heard the name but have doubts about its functionalities and how its mode of action. Today we will debunk a few myths about Pectin and will explain what it is and how it is widely used in the food & dairy industry.

As a leading supplier of pectin in India, Gujarat Enterprise has the know-how of pectin and its wide range of functionalities in the food & dairy industry. We take Pectin from the best manufacturers in the world CEAMSA specialized in the production, development and worldwide distribution of a complete range of Carrageenan and Pectin. CEAMSA is one of the largest food ingredient suppliers which specialized in the production, development and distribution of natural hydrocolloids like Pectin.

Our experts have prepared this blog for you to get a better understanding of pectin.

What is Pectin?

Pectin is one of the most versatile and valuable hydrocolloids. Pectin is a purified carbohydrate product obtained by aqueous extraction of suitable edible plant material usually from citrus fruits or apples. Pectin consists mainly of galacturonic acid and galacturonic acid methyl ester units creating linear polysaccharide chains and is generally classified according to its degree of esterification. Pectin majorly helps in texturizing, thickening, gelling, stabilizing, and natural flavour release. It can also be used as a viscosifier agent as well in some applications like beverages in addition to gelling agents and stabiliser agents.

The major functionalities of citrus-based pectin grades include:

-water-binding capacity (1:10)

-oil binding capacity(1:4)


-Texture improvement

-Heat stable

-Fat reduction

-Increase yield

-Reduce Drip loss

It is widely used in the fruit processing industry and in confectionery products as well as in the dairy industry because of its excellent gelling and texturing abilities. It is also widely used for gummies, acidified beverages, jelly, aerated gummies, marshmallow, lassi, water jellies, sugar-free jellies, jelly beans, toffees, low sugar jam, high sugar jam, fruit preparation, fruit fillings, and yoghurt drinks.

Besides, it is also used as a thickening agent in specific pharmaceutical applications. The Pectin that we supply is extracted from citrus fruits is natural and ensures excellent textural properties, optimal functionality & processability in various industries.

Food Applications of Pectin:

A few applications of pectin in food and beverages are mentioned below:

  • 1. Jams and jellies
  • 2. Fruit preparations for yoghurt
  • 3. Fruit drink concentrates
  • 4. Fruit juice
  • 5. Fruit/milk desserts
  • 6. Fermented and directly acidified dairy products
  • 7. Gelled milk products
  • 8. Confectionery products
  • 9. Pharmaceutical Applications
  • 10. Aerated gummies
  • 11. Marshmallow
  • 12. Lassi, water jellies
  • 13. Sugar-free jellies
  • 14. Toffees
  • 15. Low sugar jam
  • 16. High sugar jam
  • 17. Fruit preparation
  • 18. Fruit fillings

General Properties of Pectin:

Pectin As Gelling Agent:

Pectin has been used as a gelling agent for a long time and is considered a far better option compared to its counterpart. It was found that pectin forms different types of viscoelastic solutions under suitable conditions. This property of pectin is commercially used in the manufacturing of various food products such as gummies, acidified beverages, jelly, aerated gummies, marshmallow, lassi, water jellies, sugar-free jellies, jelly beans, toffees, low sugar jam, high sugar jam, fruit preparation, fruit fillings, and yoghurt drinks, jams, jellies, etc. Gelling process of pectin and its stabilization supports different mechanisms for different types of pectin.

Pectin As Food Emulsifier:

Food additives used in food processing to mix two immiscible liquids to get the desired product are known as food emulsifiers. These additives function as surface-active agents on the edge of the immiscible layers, decrease the oil crystallization, and prevent water separation.

Emulsifiers are used in various food products such as ice-creams, spreads, yoghurts, salad dressings, bakery products, and many other products to keep their emulsion stable. Emulsifiers enhance batters’ whip-ability, enhance the products’ mouthfeel, and improve the dough’s texture and shape.

Pectin is a natural hydrocolloid that exhibits a broad spectrum of functional properties. Because of the gelling ability of pectin, it is used as a viscosity enhancer. The emulsifier’s quality is defined by the pectin’s ability to render long-term stability against flocculation and coalescence.

Pectin Usage in Food Packaging:

The food packaging segment is growing at a breakneck pace in the food industry. Earlier packaging systems were confined to the containers and packaging material to move food items from manufacturers to the retail market and then to the customers.

The globalization of the food market and the rising demand for processed food with a long shelf-life also retains the food’s natural properties, driving the increasing need for functional packaging.

To support biodegradable packaging, polysaccharides gain more attention as they are versatile and are available at low cost.

Pectin is one of the most significant renewable natural polymers. Being flexible in nature, pectin and its derivatives are widely used in biodegradable packaging that works as moisture, oil, and aroma barrier, reducing respiration rate and oxidation of food.

Summing it up:

Pectin is a hydrocolloid used as a food emulsifier, gelling agent, thickener, and stabilizer. We are a renowned dairy and food ingredient supplier. Hence our experts have an in-depth knowledge of Pectin and how it can be used in food products. These hydrocolloids help in stabilizing, gel-formation, thickening, and improving texture properties. This pectin is a natural ingredient, clean label, gluten-free, Non-GMO, Nonallergic and has GRAS status.

We have different grades of pectin’s which cover most applications in the confectionery, dairy, and beverage industry with different setting time and DE values.

Our Research and Development enables us to help our patrons more efficiently and makes us the preferred supplier and distributor of specialty ingredients. If you want to know more or want to order a sample, contact our experts without further ado.

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