Introducing “Matzo” Bread Improver – Bringing Functional Properties In Bread

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Need a solution to improve the shelf-life of your bread or want to achieve other functional properties? 

Then stick to the blog, we are introducing a solution that will solve all your bread manufacturing issues right here. As the best bakery ingredients supplier in India, we have the best know-how in the bakery industry. – 

Solving Bakery Industry’s Challenges 

If you are a baker, then you know that it is hard to deal with the quality of flour and the ageing of wheat starch. Bakers can not control the quality of the flour. This can be done by controlling the production process by adding improver. It can improve the stability of the production process and also the quality of the bread. 

The wheat ageing of white starch begins when the bread is taken out from the oven that is bread hardens and has dregs. All these factors affect the quality of the product, and the solution to these issues are bread improver. 

Bread improver can efficiently enhance the stability of dough during the production process, such as the anti-stirring properties and the stability of dough in the fermentation process. Besides, improver also improves the heating expansion of the dough, mainly in the volume of the finished product and also helps in keeping the softness of finished product for a more extended period by delaying the retrogradation of starch. 

What are bread improvers?

Bread improver is a coherent, balanced combination of baking ingredients and raw ingredients that are mixed finely to form an appropriate formula. The bread improvers boost the dough enhancer and strengthen tolerance during the different manufacturing phases. They simplify the production and make the work better by enabling bakers to prepare quality end products. 

Why should you add our bread improvers?

“Matzo” our bread improver simplifies the manufacturing by bringing all functionalities into bread. They can be used with any technology, under the most widely varying production conditions too.

Benefits of Adding Matzo:

  • Improver increases the volume of bread
  • Deepen the surface colour of bread
  • Improves the stability of the dough
  • Enhances the mechanical operability of dough 
  • Improves the inner texture of finished bread
  • Extends the shelf life of bread
  • Increases the softness of bread tissue
  • Improves the crispy degree of bread surface
  • Our Bread Improver

In order to meet the unique needs of professional bakers, our experts developed a special bread improver that can help you get the quality bread. Our group of experts has developed bread improvers to simplify the work of bakers and optimize the functional characteristics of bread. 

Soft Bake 

softbake - Gujarat enterprise

Soft Bake bread improver is a low dosage and economical improper. It shows excellent performance in the rapid dough as well as in fermented dough. 

What ingredients do we use?

We add various ingredients:

  • Reducing agents to restructure gluten; 
  • Oxidants to strengthen gluten for optimal gas retention; 
  • Enzymes system including amylase, lipase, oxidase for key functionality
  • Protein enhancement 

Preferred Dosage: 1.5-2grams per kilogram of refined wheat flour/whole wheat flour.

Functional Properties SoftBake Improves 

1) Anti-Stirring Property 

Specific performance: when we process the dough, the dough should be hard, elastic and dry; if not, the dough will stick to the machine and is difficult to shape. The bread improver can enhance the gluten, which makes the dough elastic, dry and easy to operate.


Rheological properties: By increasing the dough’s handling, strength or extensibility, to better tolerate its time in the machine.

We have added reducing agents to restructure gluten and to enhance machinability.

2) The stability of dough in the fermentation process.

The bread improver can enhance the gluten network structure, which makes the dough stable during the stirring process and difficult to over stir. In the fermentation process, this bread structure is easy to maintain the gas. Therefore, it can keep the best bread quality under different conditions.

Fermentation properties: By optimizing the yeast’s action through stabilized fermentation and increased gas retention capacity.

3) Soft Bake can improve the heating expansion of the dough, mainly in the volume of the finished product. The improver can enhance the binding of the gluten protein, making the gluten more compact, which can maintain more gas produced by yeast fermentation. So the organization is more exquisite, and the expansibility is better. It can also improve the expansion of dough to make the bread easy to expand during the baking process

oxidants to strengthen gluten for optimal gas retention

enzymes, including amylase, to release fermentable sugars that feed the yeast; which helps the yeast to function better.

4) Enhances the Uniformity of the internal structure of the finished product. SoftBake improves the gluten to make gluten compact and holes small as well as rich. Emulsification makes each element in dough more even.

Oxidation makes the tissue whiter. Some components in the improver together with oxygen can oxidize the colour.

  • Deepen the surface colour of bread:
  • In getting a better crumb colour 
  • Proper Crust Formation with Crispiness and Shining of surfaces

Oven Mate

Ovenmate - Gujarat Enterprise

Oven Mate gives all benefits as of Soft Bake but also offers unique advantages. It provides an efficient quality of bread by offering more advantages.

What ingredients do we use?

We add various ingredients:

  • Reducing agents to restructure gluten; 
  • Oxidants to strengthen gluten for optimal gas retention; 
  • Enzymes system including amylase, lipase, oxidase for key functionality
  • Emulsifiers to consolidate gluten for increased tolerance 
  • Preservatives to enhance mould free shelf life 
  • Various baking ingredients to improve overall performance 
  • All in one system of improver, emulsifier and preservative functions 

Preferred Dosage: 600g per 60kg of refined wheat flour/whole wheat flour.

Functional Properties SoftBake Improves 

1) Anti-ageing (extend the shelf life).

OvenMate can keep the soft property of finished products for a long time, that is, delaying the retrogradation of starch and so on.

  • Mould free shelf life extension 
  • Saving Yeast Consumption. 
  • Saving in process time: Compared to regular preservative systems which restrict the growth of yeast our uniquely designed preservative system do not retard the growth of yeast while fermentation, so yielding the same volume from yeast at lesser proving time
  • Saving the cost of expiry bread: With the reduction in spoilage upon distribution you can save more on market rejection
  • 3) The softness of bread with a longer shelf life

Firstly, bread must have functional tissue, exquisite organization and ideal protein formation (The well-formed protein is a polymer which can save water).

Secondly, the enzyme in the improver can break down the starch structure, so that the starch is not easy to age. Thirdly, the combination of emulsifier and starch can change the structure of starch and slow the ageing process of starch.

Providing the best solution through ingredients for your every need

Matzo - Gujarat Enterprise

Matzo – The bread improver has two different ranges one os SoftBake, and another one is OvenMate which is designed to help professionals and tested with consideration for flour quality, manufacturing processes, the equipment used and nature of the finished goods.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Does Gujarat Enterprise take wholesale or bulk orders for Bakery Ingredients?

    Gujarat Enterprise accepts wholesale or bulk orders for bakery ingredients in India. As one of the leading suppliers and distributors of bakery ingredients, Gujarat Enterprise caters to businesses of all sizes as per customers’ bespoke requirements.

  • 2. How to find leading Bakery Ingredients Suppliers in India?

    If you are finding the best supplier of bakery ingredients in India, then look no further contact Gujarat Enterprise for all your ingredient requirements. They offer innovative solutions through ingredients that help their patrons in manufacturing quality and tasty food and beverages.

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