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Gujarat Enterprise is a premier supplier of Corino cheese emulsifying salts in the Indian Dairy Industry. We offer Emulsifying Salts for Cheese with the best solutions for producing good quality cheese products at affordable prices. Of course, you don’t have to be a manufacturer to enjoy our high-quality cheese-making solutions. If you are a retailer, we can help you expand your business by selling our emulsifying salts.

The popularity of cheese has grown with time, and it is now available in almost all parts of the world. It has become so popular that it is served in different varieties like soft, semi-hard, hard, grated cheese, block cheese, cream cheese, cheese spread, etc. Cheese plays a vital role in the diet because it contains protein, calcium, fat, and various vitamins and minerals. Therefore, many can commence their initial production by preparing soft cheese, only expanding later on.

We offer the best cheese emulsifying salts that help in the production of high-quality cheeses like block processed cheese (with melt or without melt), cheese spreads, processed cheese, cream cheese spread, pH correction salts, high protein processed cheese, etc. Besides, we offer our patrons complete support in their cheese-making projects. There are various types of cheeses available, and they vary from soft to hard-tasting curd. Therefore, it is essential to choose a suitable kind of emulsifying salts for your recipe because it helps in improving its taste, appearance, melting ability, flavor release, pH, adhesiveness, stabilizations, etc.

Gujarat Enterprise emulsifying salts are used for the emulsification of curds or fresh milk into liquid form. Emulsifiers, which aid the process of emulsion, avoid fat separation, resulting in a smooth consistency with proper taste and texture in the end product like processed block cheese, for example. The emulsifying salts are also used for other purposes, such as the preparation of cream cheese, cheese spread, and various spreads. In addition, our emulsifying salts are used during the production of various cheeses.

With Corino, we offer a complete range of products to meet the needs of any and every cheese producer/dairy products brand/retailer/player in the Indian Dairy Industry. Gujarat Enterprise has been working in the field for more than two decades now with a long-term vision. We aim to become one of the most preferred brands for supplying dairy products in India at affordable prices.

Applications of Emulsifying Salts:


Block processed cheese products are popular for slicing, shredding, and melting. Use CORINO to make a firm, resilient body cheese that will perform well in these applications, and it will hold its shape better when shredding. The grating will be more even, and later a uniform melting for an authentic pizza topping. The flavor should be pleasant, not sharp, acid, or bitter. Consumers expect a pizza cheese to have a quick melt, stretchy and chewable texture.


Individually wrapped slices (IWS) for quick melt applications are possible, the cheese solid must be pumpable and firm, the texture should not be brittle but an elastic consistency. Standard thicknesses and weights are depending on the cheese texture. Clear sealing ensures the product to be securely wrapped and sealed. The IWS is easy to open, and the cheese slice should not stick to the PP foil. They are wrapped and accurately stacked in piles. Sophisticated CORINO emulsifying salts for IWS quick melt have been designed for trouble-free production.


CORINO gives added properties for block processed cheese, including a superior thermal stable texture and heat resistance. For some applications, such as fried or cooked products, you need low melting or even a product that is resistant to melting. Heating the cheese product does not alter its texture or flavor.


The convenience of cheese spread products creates many more occasions for consumers to enjoy great-tasting processed cheese spreads time after time. Processed cheese spreads made with CORINO melting salts will add fresh excitement to your range of cheese products.


CORINO develops and offers a wide list of products for quark and cream cheese products. CORINO emulsifying salts are widely used to create the perfect consistency. Consumers highly desire spread texture, and CORINO gives added properties for spreadable cream cheese and quark products, including a shiny appearance and excellent texture, giving body to the spread without conceding spread-ability and smoothness.


The pH of all quality processed cheese products, regardless of whether they are block or spreads, ranges from pH 5.3 to 6.1. The choice of the correct emulsifying salt depends on the preferred pH of the final product. It is most important not to allow deviation in pH of the final product in excess of ± 0.1 to maintain a constant consistency and flavor of the finished product. CORINO PI & PR emulsifying salts for pH correction are used when the pH shift in the processed cheese product is insufficient.

CORINO Cheese Solution for Food Manufacturer by Gujarat Enterprise:

CORINO Cheese Solution for Food Manufacturer by Gujarat Enterprise

Gujarat Enterprise is a leading distributor of specialty ingredients for cheese & cheese products, dairy products, chocolate, and confectionery. Gujarat enterprise is ISO 9001-2008 certified company which supplies high-quality Corino emulsifying salts in Cheese for our valued clients. The company was founded in 1985 and established itself as one of the leaders in providing quality food & beverage ingredients worldwide.

We offer a complete range of cheese solutions to meet customers’ unique needs. And also, customize any product according to your specifications; we are committed to giving you the most effective solution at the most reasonable prices.

We are successfully exporting Corino emulsifying salts in Cheese and other dairy ingredients to the Middle East, SE Asia, and Indian market. The company has shown its highest levels of quality management systems with many international certifications.

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