Colouring Foods

Manufactured by GNT, EXBERRY colouring foods are unique ingredient solutions that colour food using food. Derived from food sources, these products are deeply pigmented, safe for consumption, and available in numerous formats. EXBERRY colouring foods can be used in numerous food and beverage products, ensuring diverse applications for all industries.

Colour Foods Using Foods

Colouring foods are a rising trend in the global food and beverage market. Unlike artificial colours, these colours are extracted from plant-based sources. Gujarat Enterprise brings you top-quality colouring foods from EXBERRY. We are the exclusive distributors of EXBERRY colouring foods and help food and beverage manufacturers create visually appealing and rich-looking products with ease. These ingredients are ideal for manufacturing Kosher, Halal, and vegan products, hence helping you encapsulate diverse market demand with ease.

Leading Distributor of Colouring Food Ingredient Solutions

Present-day consumers are shifting from artificial to natural foods. Keeping with drastically shifting market demand requires food and beverage labels to adapt to upgrade their formulations and use a natural-first approach. Gujarat Enterprise brings you high-end colouring food ingredients that are made by extracting pigment from food-based sources. Using these ingredients will help you achieve the desired colour in your products without compromising on consumer safety and formulation quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial colours are made by treating food products with chemicals and certain compounds to extract the pigments. Colouring foods, on the other hand, are concentrates of food and are made without any harmful additives. This factor makes colouring foods a safe and efficient alternative to artificial colours for commercial food and beverage manufacturing requirements.

Yes, colouring foods are as efficient as artificial colours. These ingredients are known to preserve their pigment for a long duration and are remarkably stable even in high temperatures, making them an excellent alternative to artificial colours.

There are numerous ways to use colouring foods for your food and beverage products. You can use colouring food in numerous formats like powders, liquids, micronised powders, oil-dispersible, etc., based on the type of product you want to manufacture. Contact us today to get our expert team’s assistance in using colouring food ingredients.

Gujarat Enterprise is a renowned food ingredient distributor offering cutting-edge ingredient solutions to food and beverage manufacturers. We don’t just sell colouring food ingredients but also offer end-to-end support throughout your product’s development lifecycle. This includes assistance in recipe development, pilot testing, quality testing, dosage, commercialisation, and more. These factors make Gujarat Enterprise the leading distributor of colouring food ingredients and a reliable solution partner.

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