Prabhat Dairy is an integrated milk and dairy company in India that supplies to institutional and retail customers. The company was founded in 1998 and has been manufacturing dairy products for over 15 years. Prabhat's state of the art plant, cutting edge technology, and stringent quality standards have successfully delivered unmatched quality products.

A healthy treat for all

Majorly you get Sweet Condensed Milk from whole or skim milk. The water present in the milk is extracted from cow’s milk through a heating process, and then it is blended with the right amount of sugar to create a thick, smooth and creamy texture. The sugar content is added in that amount so that it can prevent spoilage. Sweet Condensed Milk is enriched with vitamin A, B1, and D3.

Add a little taste of heaven with our Ingredients

This organic Condensed Milk is creamy and sweet, and it is perfect for a number of delicious desserts and delicacies. Condensed Milk is excellent as a topping, is also used in beverages and added to bakery, confectionary and dairy products.

Trusted Supplier of Dairy Ingredients, since inception

We strive to provide the finest ingredients with our strong sense of dedication and experience of the industry. We maintain stringent quality standards and hygienic environment to give you the high-grade ingredients. We are the Leading Suppliers of Sweetened Condensed Milk in India, along with this we have an extensive range of dairy products and ingredients to serve you. Contact us to know more about our product and ingredient range which is used to make the most delightful treats.

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