A healthy treat for all

Starter Cultures are on everyone’s lips, and these are the micro-organisms that ferment products and drive to the desired taste or structure. It is primarily milk that contains lactic acid bacteria, and it keeps food from rotting. It also imparts unique flavors and textures to the products.

Add a little taste of heaven with our Ingredients

Few cultures are also called probiotics, and they help in keeping us healthy. These bacteria produce a substance that gives the fermented product its properties such as flavor, aroma, and consistency. Starter Culture is mainly used in fermented dairy products like cheese, curd, buttermilk, yogurt, and other dairy products. It is considered a beneficial ingredient in the dairy industry.

Trusted Supplier of Dairy Ingredients, since inception

We strive to provide the finest ingredients with our strong sense of dedication and experience of the industry. We maintain stringent quality standards and hygienic environment to give you the high-grade ingredients. We are the Leading Suppliers of the Starter Culture in India, along with this we have an extensive range of dairy products and ingredients to serve you. Contact us to know more about our product and ingredient range which is used to make the most delightful treats.


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