Consumer craving matters the most

Who would say no to Cherries? Not just as a tasty fruit but also the nutritional value it offers make it a perfect choice. Red Cherries are a sweet summertime treat, but what if you want to have them in the winter season? Cherries are also widely used in many bakery and confectionary products. Apart from this, it is also used to give flavor to many products. In this case to make it available for all the year canned cherries are preferred.

Delivering you the required nutrients

Red cherry contains low sugar percentage and is high in providing nutritive value. To make the best quality products we supply you the best-canned cherries by maintaining its natural flavor and taste. Red Cherries are extensively used in many applications of the food industry such as in non-dairy products, bakery, dairy, desserts, confectionery, beverages, ice-cream, etc.

Advantages of Partnering with us

We only aim to serve you the high-grade and quality ingredients. Gujarat Enterprise continually strives to remain at the forefront of technology to provide new solutions for your unmet needs. So if you are looking for Red Cherry Suppliers in India, turn to us. We are serving the food industry through the passion of our people, innovative solutions through ingredients and commitment to our customers’ success. Our solutions help our customers in rendering an exceptional experience to their consumers. By appropriating the modern advancements in food technology, our sales team can introduce you with new idea and solutions to flourish your business. For more product information feel free to reach out to us.


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