Taste matters. Whether you want to lessen fat in ice cream or want to refine the texture of the yogurt, we can help you with our Emulsifier and Stabilizer for food.


At Gujarat Food Web, we have designed the best functional emulsifier and stabilizer system to enhance the product’s functions and quality entitled as ‘KreAmaze.’ Our specialists have developed a broad range of emulsifier and stabilizer blends to keep your Ice-cream and Dairy products performing like winners in the market. Our Stabilizer and Emulsifier blends help you in optimizing the creaminess, warm/cold qualities, flavor release, texture, shape retention, melt-down properties, and the heat shock effect to achieve the excellent quality product.

What would you prefer Quality or Quantity?

We know the answer is quality and for maintaining the quality standards we are here to assist you. If you want to enhance the mouth-feel of your dairy products or the sustainability of your ice-cream, turn to Gujarat Enterprise, the best and trusted Dairy and Ice-cream Emulsifier and Stabilizer Suppliers in India. We offer a comprehensive and unparalleled range of emulsifier and stabilizer blends and the expert application knowhow to help you accomplish your purposes.

Emulsifier and Stabilizer Blends for Ice-cream

We make sure that your ice-cream retains its cooling.
We have developed a full range of emulsifiers and stabilizers as well as unified blends to keep your ice-cream products performing like winners in the market. We help you optimize the creaminess, warm/cold qualities, flavor release, texture, shape retention, melt-down properties, and the heat shock effect with our Emulsifier & Stabilizer for Ice-cream. So if you are wondering from where to buy Ice-cream Stabilizer, then Gujarat Enterprise is the perfect partner for you.

Require help in producing sustainable Dairy Products?

We make sure that your dairy product maintains its flavor.
Improve the mouth-feel and shelf-life of your dairy products with our stabilizers and emulsifiers blends. As a dedicated supplier and distributor of ingredients, we provide extensive technical support and customized blends formed in our well-equipped application centers.

To know more concerning the benefits of our integrated emulsifiers & stabilizers, and how we can help you in implementing them in your recipes, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are emulsifiers in the food industry?

    Food emulsifiers work as a surface-active agent that acts as a border between two unmixable liquids such as oil and water, allowing them to be blended into stable emulsions. Food emulsifiers help the stabilization and formation of emulsions by reducing the surface tension at the oil-water interface. These emulsifiers also reduce stickiness, prevent separation, and control crystallization.

  • 2. What are stabilizers in the food industry?

    Stabilizers are additives to food that helps to preserve the structure of the food item by adding viscosity to the mix. The uses of stabilizers include preventing oil, water emulsions from separating in products such as salad dressing, preventing ice crystals from forming in frozen food items such as ice creams, and preventing fruit from settling in products such as yogurt, jam, and jellies.

  • 3. What is the use of emulsifiers and stabilizers?

    Emulsifiers and stabilizers are essential food additives used to obtain ideal food products. Emulsifier allows water and oil to remain mixed together in an emulsion, as in ice cream, mayonnaise, and homogenized milk. Stabilizers give food items a firmer texture by stabilizing the desired consistency and stops the food items from separating again after they have been mixed.

  • 4. Where to buy emulsifiers and stabilizers in India?

    If you are looking for the best quality emulsifier and stabilizer blends, then approach Gujarat Enterprises, leading supplier and distributor of raw ingredients. Gujarat Enterprise helps you by delivering custom stabilizer and emulsifier blends as per your product requirement.

  • 5. How to find the best emulsifier & stabilizer suppliers in India?

    Emulsifiers and stabilizer blends enhance the mouth-feel and structure of food items. To get the best quality emulsifier and stabilizer blends, reach out to Gujarat Enterprise, best and trusted emulsifier and stabilizer supplier in India.

  • 6. Does Gujarat Enterprise take wholesale or bulk orders for emulsifier & stabilizer?

    Yes, Gujarat Enterprise takes wholesale or bulk orders for emulsifiers & stabilizers. You can also request for the sample to know the quality of the ingredients. They also make custom stabilizers and emulsifiers for the specific requirements of their patrons. Gujarat Enterprise is renowned as the leading supplier of emulsifiers and stabilizers in India.

  • 7. Where can I go for more information?

    To get more information reach our experts at +917435011188 or you can also get in touch at dm@gujaratenterprise.co.in. Feel free to contact us with your queries.

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