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Cocoa is a good source of essential minerals including manganese, zinc, iron, vitamins as well as pantothenic acid. It holds several compounds which stimulate the production of dopamine in the body and potent mood enhancers, supporting an overall sense of wellbeing. Our cocoa powder is derived from cocoa beans after pressing them without adding an extracting agent.

Relish the perfect chocolaty addictions

Cocoa Powder gives you from mouth-watering desserts to steaming cups of hot chocolate, and it is a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth without sugar, and fat. Our cocoa powder does not contain any preservatives. Cocoa Powder Uses in chocolate flavored drinks, desserts, ice-creams, mousse, chocolate spreads, sauces, cakes, and biscuits. This is also used in industrial applications in confectionery, protein powder, etc.

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We aim to provide the finest products backed up with world-class services. Gujarat Enterprise is committed to ensuring that all of our products meet the highest quality. We strive that every product delivered to customers meet stringent quality control standards. We are one of the Leading Suppliers of Cocoa Powder in India, and we are right here for all of your chocolaty needs.

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