About Us

  • Our company specializes in distributing speciality food ingredients. These ingredients are customized ice cream blends, fruit jelly, fruit crush, canned pulp, cocoa products, preservatives, thickener, natural fiber, emulsifier, hydrocolloid, flavours, cultures, dairy and many more products. We focus on fulfilling customer needs thus being customer centric. We are committed to give customers help thus succeeding in our collaborations. We also share in depth experience and expertise knowledge so that we could get desired result for the same. Our products are healthy thus providing customer’s right solution. This is done according to the expectations, quality and needs of customers. We have well equipped and well versed infrastructural facility in our various support canters in Gujarat and ahmedabad. We have an area of 20000 sq. ft. warehousing facility which is excellent with all the facilities and latest equipment. We have hard-working, experienced and efficient team members that serve our customers with full enthusiasm and dedication.

  • We are truly customer centred company,organized after our customer needs. We are committed to help our customers to succeed through our collaborations and also share our in depth expertise knowledge & experience in order to help meet desired results for our customers.

  • We keep on making our basket healthier to providing right solution to our customers, in accordance to their need, quality and expectations. We are having a well versed and well equipped infrastructural facility in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to support the various activities for customers.
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