Natural Natural Fibers

VITACEL Dietary Fibers are multifunctional dietary fiber concentrates on plant base with a total dietary fiber content of up to 99%. The majority are insoluble organic fibers which are extracted and isolated from the structure-forming parts using a complex, precisely defined thermo-physical process. Due to their excellent, type-specific properties as well as the diverse applications in practically all areas of the food industry VITACEL® products have revolutionized the insoluble dietary fiber market. These modern dietary fibers are being called 2nd generation. VITACEL Dietary Fibers comprises a wide-ranging product portfolio with varying properties and functions making it possible to respond to individual customer wishes and needs in an optimum manner. VITACEL Dietary Fibers act on recommendation of the World Health Organization, German Association of Nutrition (DGE), German Diabetes Association (DDG) and many more.

Numerous studies carried out by us in collaboration with well-known institutes and research centres prove that an increased consumption of VITACEL® Dietary Fibers has positive health effects. The importance of fibers for the human body is ultimately reflected in a clear improvement in outlook on life. 

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