Stabiling and Gelling Agents

Carageenan (E 407)
A natural gelling agent derived from seaweed, carrageenan binds moisture and improves the texture, viscosity and firmness of a variety of foods.
Carrageenans are everywhere. In fact, people have been harvesting seaweed for centuries to take advantage of the extremely effective gelling properties carrageenans.
Today, carrageenans are used to add texture and stability to a broad range of products including dairy desserts, processed cheese, chocolate milk and fruity jellies. Carrageenans are also used in a variety of meat-based products providing firmness and texture to sausages and sliceability and juiciness to cooked ham.
Our refined and semi-refined carrageenan ingredients are perfect for a wide range of applications.
Pectin (E 440)
Pectin is a highly sophisticated stabilizer recognized globally by consumers as label friendly. Each pectin type is extracted from specific citrus peels which deliver unique functionality.
Pectin is a minor ingredient that delivers major functionality. Pectin is a gelling agent in fruit preparations and sugar confectioneries. It protects protein in low pH drinks and adds creaminess to yogurt.
Pectin is ideal in beverages for its clean and refreshing mouth feel.
Our pectin offers value improvement through product and process optimization. Our products are specifically developed for a broad range of applications which reduces development time and allows our customers to get to market quicker.

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